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Rare, Two-Headed Rattlesnake Named 'Double Dave' Rescued from Certain Doom in New Jersey
Two herpetologists in New Jersey — both named Dave — have discovered a rare, two-headed snake, which they've named Double-Dave. Members of the…
Sep 09, 2019 21:23 UTC Science Read More

This is Why Saturn's Rotation is So Hard to Measure
For a rocky planet, finding the length of a day can be simple. Just pick a reference point and watch how long it takes to rotate out of view, then back into view.
Sep 09, 2019 20:55 UTC Science Read More

Building blocks of bird babble identified
A new study by an international team headed by the University of Zurich sheds light on whether animal vocalizations, like human words, are constructed from…
Sep 09, 2019 19:00 UTC Science Read More

Rare Meteorites May Have Formed During Large Impact on Wet Mars
Geologic clues in two examples of a rare type of meteorite may help scientists track down where on Mars they came from.
Sep 09, 2019 18:42 UTC Science Read More

Turning the SLS engine section over for final Core Stage mate
Boeing's new plans to finish the first assembly of a NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Core Stage horizontally are set to culminate in the use of several new and…
Sep 09, 2019 18:34 UTC Science Read More

Hubble explores the formation and evolution of star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Just as people of the same age can vary greatly in appearance and shape, so do collections of stars or stellar aggregates. New observations from the…
Sep 09, 2019 17:48 UTC Science Read More

There is precious metal potential on the moon Canadian study
(Kitco News) - As the idea of space mining moves from the realm of science fiction to reality, one Canadian researcher says that the moon might be a potential…
Sep 09, 2019 16:38 UTC Science Read More

Rare 'Micromoon' Is Gracing Us With Its Presence On Friday The 13th
Keep your eyes peeled for a teeny, tiny full moon on Friday, folks. On Friday the 13th, a harvest micromoon will grace the night sky across the United States.
Sep 09, 2019 15:52 UTC Science Read More

The ever-winning lottery ticket: Mathematicians solve a dusty mystery
Is there a lottery ticket that always wins? So goes the popular version of a theoretical conundrum posed in 1969 by English mathematician Adrian R.D. Mathias…
Sep 09, 2019 15:22 UTC Science Read More

“The Hidden Signal” –Birth of Light in the Universe
Epoch of Reionization (EoR) created a signal that has been traveling across the Universe for 12 billion years, bringing us nearer to understanding the birth of…
Sep 09, 2019 15:11 UTC Science Read More

Russia’s life-sized humanoid robot has returned safely to Earth
A Russian Soyuz capsule containing a humanoid robot returned safely to Earth Friday.
Sep 09, 2019 15:02 UTC Science Read More

Physicists discover new material for highly efficient data processing
A new material could aid in the development of extremely energy efficient IT applications. The material was discovered by an international research team in…
Sep 09, 2019 14:59 UTC Science Read More

Warm on top, cold below: Uexpected greenhouse gas effect in lakes
A research team led by the University of Basel and the Université de Montréal examined how the ongoing climate warming affects the "behavior" of lakes.
Sep 09, 2019 14:00 UTC Science Read More

Delingpole: Ship of Fools VI Arctic 'Global Warming' Mission Scuppered By Mysterious Hard White Substance
Yet another greenie expedition to the Arctic to raise awareness of 'global warming' has been scuppered by unexpected large quantities of ice. This brings to a…
Sep 09, 2019 11:17 UTC Science Read More

The Voracious and Invasive Lionfish Is Taking Over the Atlantic. Here's Why.
One of the most notorious invasive species around, the lionfish, is known for its voracious appetite and can literally eat its competitors out of an ecosystem.
Sep 09, 2019 10:59 UTC Science Read More

Astronauts Make First Cement in Space to Support Future Martian Habitats
Astronauts mixed cement in space for the first time as researchers think that cement mixtures could make habitats on the moon and Mars.
Sep 09, 2019 10:52 UTC Science Read More

Satellites reveal peatland fire susceptibility
Stanford researchers show satellite data can reveal fire susceptibility in Southeast Asian peatlands.
Sep 09, 2019 08:00 UTC Science Read More

Fossil of a flattened sea turtle is found after it 'wandered into the path of a dinosaur'
Palaeontologists including staff from the Swiss Natural History Museum in Basel discovered the crushed turtle shell on what used to be mud flats, suggesting it…
Sep 09, 2019 08:00 UTC Science Read More

And then there was light: looking for the first stars in the Universe
Astronomers are closing in on a signal that has been travelling across the Universe for 12 billion years, bringing them nearer to understanding the life and death…
Sep 09, 2019 07:19 UTC Science Read More

Crucial New Aspect of Charge Density Modulations in High Temperature Superconductors Uncovered
Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and Politecnico di Milano have identified a crucial new aspect of charge density modulations in cuprate…
Sep 09, 2019 06:35 UTC Science Read More

Jupiter’s magnetic field simulated on Earth using CERN high-energy electron beam
The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, is most famous for its particle collider, but it also has facilities that can test for other high-energy…
Sep 08, 2019 21:01 UTC Science Read More

Mars was once a lush, ocean-covered planet with a thick atmosphere like Earth’s
Today Mars is a cold, arid desert. But billions of years ago, it was a lush planet covered in surface water, not so different from Earth. The difference between then…
Sep 08, 2019 16:15 UTC Science Read More

Scientists decoded embryo development at the molecular level
Penn scientists in a new study, have created the first detailed map of the molecular level changes in cells during animal embryo development.
Sep 08, 2019 13:05 UTC Science Read More


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