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10 Years Ago Today: Apple Unveils The iPad | Russian explorers discovered Antarctica 200 years ago. What we've learned about Earth's coldest continent. | California legalized marijuana 2 years ago. So why is the state seizing so much of it?

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10 Years Ago Today: Apple Unveils The iPad
Jan 27, 2020 18:00 UTC. Read More

Russian explorers discovered Antarctica 200 years ago. What we've learned about Earth's coldest continent.
Jan 27, 2020 16:58 UTC. Read More

California legalized marijuana 2 years ago. So why is the state seizing so much of it?
Sacramento Bee
Jan 24, 2020 14:00 UTC. Read More

36 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Unveiled the First Macintosh
Jan 24, 2020 10:59 UTC. Read More

Ancient Stone Age Ring Made From Deer Antler Discovered in Village Swallowed by the Sea Thousands of Years Ago
Jan 22, 2020 00:01 UTC. Read More

Why the stock market’s top of 20 years ago is a warning for investors now
Jan 18, 2020 14:43 UTC. Read More

Those Who Purchased China Regenerative Medicine International (HKG:8158) Shares Three Years Ago Have A 95% Loss To Show For It
Simply Wall St
Jan 16, 2020 07:31 UTC. Read More

Analysis The Health 202: Bernie Sanders is betting Iowans are ready for Medicare-for-all. They weren't four years ago.
The Washington Post
Jan 15, 2020 13:34 UTC. Read More

ESA's Huygens probe landed on Saturn's moon Titan 15 years ago
Spaceflight Now
Jan 15, 2020 07:17 UTC. Read More

Why the stock market’s top 20 years ago is a warning for investors now
Jan 14, 2020 20:10 UTC. Read More

A Job Market This Good Didn’t Seem Likely 3 Years Ago
Jan 14, 2020 13:03 UTC. Read More

800,000 years ago a huge meteorite struck Earth. We might have just found its crater
Jan 09, 2020 20:27 UTC. Read More

A huge meteorite smashed into Earth nearly 800,000 years ago. We may have finally found the crater
Jan 09, 2020 04:40 UTC. Read More

800,000 Years Ago, a Meteor Slammed Into Earth. Scientists Just Found the Crater.
Jan 07, 2020 14:59 UTC. Read More

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson: Under Armour 'lost it many years ago'
Jan 06, 2020 19:25 UTC. Read More

Moon lost its magnetic field 1B years ago after its 'internal dynamo' ended, study finds
Fox News
Jan 06, 2020 16:10 UTC. Read More

Moon's magnetic field disappeared a BILLION years ago after its 'internal dynamo' stopped
Daily Mail
Jan 03, 2020 17:26 UTC. Read More

Early modern humans cooked starchy food in South Africa, 170,000 years ago
Jan 02, 2020 18:59 UTC. Read More

Cooked starchy rhizomes in Africa 170 thousand years ago
Science Magazine
Jan 02, 2020 18:47 UTC. Read More

Moon Lost Its Magnetic Field After Its Internal Dynamo Shut Down One Billion Years Ago
Jan 02, 2020 15:35 UTC. Read More

Tech products that didn't exist 10 years ago: iPad, Lyft, Slack
Herald Planet
Dec 30, 2019 10:54 UTC. Read More

10 things your smartphone couldn’t do 10 years ago
Digital Trends
Dec 28, 2019 11:00 UTC. Read More

Syrian refugee, 18, who arrived in Britain eight years ago studies medicine at Cambridge
Daily Mail
Dec 27, 2019 23:41 UTC. Read More

Mummified Inuits that lived 500 years ago had clogged-up arteries despite omega-3 rich fishy diets
Daily Mail
Dec 27, 2019 15:59 UTC. Read More

Fossil of lizard with tail wrapped around young shows 'motherly love' existed 309 million years ago
Daily Mail
Dec 23, 2019 16:56 UTC. Read More

Massive black holes ate giant gas 'halos' at the start of the universe, 13B years ago, study shows
Fox News
Dec 19, 2019 16:59 UTC. Read More

Doctors who took first MRI scans of couples having sex 20 years ago ponder their continued success
Daily Mail
Dec 18, 2019 23:30 UTC. Read More

Stone Age chewing gum holds clues to the life of a young girl who lived 5700 years ago
Dec 17, 2019 17:09 UTC. Read More

Milky Way soiree: Our galaxy was filled with almost 100k supernovae roughly 1bn years ago
Dec 17, 2019 14:33 UTC. Read More

A billion years ago the Milky Way had a huge burst of star birth
Dec 17, 2019 13:59 UTC. Read More

Stunning Milky Way image reveals massive, violent eruption 1 billion years ago
Dec 17, 2019 03:28 UTC. Read More

Coca-Cola restores global CMO role after dropping it two years ago
Dec 16, 2019 13:34 UTC. Read More

T-Mobile tried and failed to merge with Dish years ago, John Legere says
The Verge
Dec 13, 2019 17:26 UTC. Read More

Rare find: human teeth used as jewelry in Turkey 8500 years ago
Dec 13, 2019 14:57 UTC. Read More

If you invested in Amazon 10 years ago, here's how much money you'd have now
Dec 12, 2019 18:36 UTC. Read More

30 Years Ago, Mill Workers Fled South Carolina in Droves. Now, Its Startup Scene Is Making a Remarkable Transformation
Dec 12, 2019 11:10 UTC. Read More

10 Years Ago, DNA Tests Were The Future Of Medicine. Now They’re A Social Network — And A Data Privacy Mess.
BuzzFeed News
Dec 11, 2019 18:57 UTC. Read More

Giant penguins gave up flight and started swimming 66 MILLION years ago
Daily Mail
Dec 10, 2019 00:01 UTC. Read More

Study Finds One Cause for Several Mysteries Linked to Breathable Oxygen 2.5 Billion Years Ago
Dec 08, 2019 12:08 UTC. Read More

If you invested $1,000 in UPS 10 years ago, here's how much money you'd have now
Dec 06, 2019 19:38 UTC. Read More

Even 50 Years Ago, Climate Models Were Way More Accurate Than Deniers Claim
Dec 06, 2019 04:45 UTC. Read More

CVS CEO: I saw Hello Kitty logo on a vaping device 5 years ago and knew something was wrong
Dec 05, 2019 13:58 UTC. Read More

Craigslist, founded 24 years ago, is finally getting its first official app
The Verge
Dec 05, 2019 11:26 UTC. Read More

Mummified Pup Died in Siberia 18,000 Years Ago ... And Might Be a Wolf (or Something Else)
Dec 02, 2019 12:14 UTC. Read More

A gigantic meteor shook Earth on Thanksgiving eve, 100 years ago
Nov 26, 2019 03:42 UTC. Read More


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